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Restoration Projects

Funding Recommendations

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Scientific & Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Chief Scientist Recommendation: Fund

Chief Scientist Comments: This project will compile a literature database of existing data on the status and trends of anthropogenic contaminants in the ecosystem of the northern Gulf of Alaska and conduct a workshop to develop priorities regarding environmental contaminants in the gulf. This effort will lay the groundwork for future monitoring designed to track changes in such contamination and its potential effects.

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Recommendation: (Not Available)

Public Advisory Group (PAG) Comments: (Not Available)

Executive Director Recommendation: Fund

Executive Director Comments: This project will contribute to development of a contaminants component for the Trustee Council's long-term monitoring program (GEM, or Gulf Ecosystem Monitoring).

Trustee Council Decision: Fund

Trustee Council Comments: (Not Available)