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Restoration Projects

Funding Recommendations

Science Panel Recommendation: Fund

Science Panel Comments: This proposal provides a logical next step in development of a program to determine long-term health of the intertidal community and associated resources that were clearly impacted by the spill. It specifically addresses recovery status of injured intertidal communities for which little current information is available. The proposal builds on work funded by other agencies to provide an important gulf-wide perspective. Also, proposed database development will facilitate future integration and syntheses regarding nearshore resources including intertidal communities, sea otters, oyster catchers, and other nearshore birds.

Science Director Recommendation: Fund

Science Director Comments: Concur with Science Panel. This project takes a phased approach to developing a systematic way of assessing the nearshore environment in which the Trustees have previously invested. Collectively, the overall status of the intertidal environment has not been consistently evaluated. This project will build upon earlier work that developed the methods for assessing the nearshore and more fully implement the program on the ground. It is being done in conjunction with the National Park Service which is a partner in this program. Finally, it will provide a relational database for storing this information, which will allow for a wide range of uses of the data. Data Manager Comments: Fund The PIs propose to develop a nearshore monitoring system, and to bring on a database developer to assist the National Park Service and the EVOS staff in development of this system. They also propose to initiate long-term recovery and restoration monitoring in the nearshore environment of Prince William Sound. The nearshore monitoring aspects of this proposal are responsive to the invitation and it appears to address the status of many of the species injured by the spill. The Trustee Council has expressed its desire to see the nearshore data management system developed. Though some initial work on this system has been completed, as documented in the proposal, substantial progress has been delayed due to a lack of resources and staff turnover in the EVOS office. This project will provide the resources necessary to ensure the project’s completion and address the need for data management personnel to work closely with the PIs to complete the implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs). The budget seems reasonable for the work to be done.

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Recommendation: Fund

Public Advisory Committee (PAC) Comments: (Not Available)

Executive Director Recommendation: Fund

Executive Director Comments: Concur with Science Panel and Science Director.

Trustee Council Decision: Fund

Trustee Council Comments: (Not Available)