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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100290 The Exxon Valdez Trustee Hydrocarbon Database General Restoration 2010
030476 Oiled Incubation Substrate on Salmon Research 2003
00347-CLO Fatty Acid Profile and Lipid Class Analysis Research 2000
99347 Fatty Acid Profile/Lipid Class Analysis Research 1999
99291 Chenega Cleanup: Final Report General Restoration 1999
98347 Fatty Acid Profile/Lipid Class Analysis Research 1998
98291 Chenega Shoreline Oiling General Restoration 1998
98194-CLO Spawning Habitat Recovery Research 1998
97291 Chenega Shoreline Oiling Reduction General Restoration 1997
97194 Spawning Habitat Recovery Research 1997
96291-2 Chenega Shoreline Restoration Monitoring 1996
96291 Chenega Shoreline Oiling Reduction Research 1996