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Terri Marceron

Forest Supervisor, USDA/USFS

Terri Marceron is the Forest Supervisor for the Chugach National Forest, a position she has held since November 2010. Terri oversees management of 5.4 million acres that includes portions of the Kenai Peninsula, Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta.

Terri has worked for the U.S. Forest Service within the Department of Agriculture since 1987. Terri's prior position was Forest Supervisor on the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (CA/NV) and previously served on five national forests (Coconino, Gallatin, Inyo, White Mountain, Lewis & Clark). Terri holds a Masters degree in public policy, outdoor recreation and environmental interpretation from the University of Washington, College of Forest Resources and a Bachelors degree in recreation from San Diego State University.

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