Frequently Asked Questions - (as of 3/25/16)

Program Proposal Form - Appendix A

Question: In Section 3 - Program Personnel, are you requesting the CV for all senior science personnel or just the Program administration team?
Answer: A CV should be included for the Program lead and any science team members that are assisting in the design and implementation of the proposed Program. If any of the science team members have included their CV as part of a project proposal, please note in this section under which project their CV can be found.

Program Proposal Form - Appendix A and Project Proposal Form - Appendix C

Question: Should the CV be included in the body of the proposal form as requested in Section 3 or should it be added after the form?
Answer: The CV should be included as an appendix to the proposal form and not included in the body of the text.

Question: The budget guidance states that funds for travel to present at conferences will not be approved. Do you not want PI’s to present at scientific meetings outside of the scheduled PI meetings?
Answer: As frequently noted in the first five year program, the scope of the programs is large based on the fixed amount of funds available. We felt that it was important to keep the funds focused on the research and limit travel costs to what was needed to coordinate with members of the program and attendance at the two PI meetings.

Program Project Proposal and Reporting Form - Appendix F

Question - There appears to be a formula error on the Non-Trustee Budget sheet that doubles the indirect costs.
Answer: There is an error on the Non-Trustee Budget sheet that added GA (General Administrative) cost to the total indirect line item on the summary sheet. An updated form has been uploaded to the FY17-21 Invitation webpage that corrects the error. We will check each submitted form when they are received to ensure that the error was corrected.

Question: Should the budget form round to thousands or hundreds?
Answer: The proposed budget should be rounded to the thousands.