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Title: Physical Oceanographic Factors Affecting Productivity in Juvenile Pacific Herring Nursery Habitats, submitted under the BAA

Project Year and Number: 2007: 070817

Other Fiscal Years and Numbers for this Project: 2009: 090817, 2008: 080817

Principal Investigator (PI): Shelton Gay, Prince William Sound Science Center

Assisting Personnel: None

Research Location: Prince William Sound

Restoration Category: Research

Injured Resources Addressed: Pacific Herring

Abstract: Past research of juvenile Pacific herring in PWS has shown that recruitment is highly influenced by conditions within nursery sites affecting survival within the first year. Studies of the physical oceanography of nursery fjords has indicated that each site has a unique set of hydrographic conditions that are influenced by both local processes and water exchange between the GOA and PWS. These factors vary significantly depending on geographic location. The proposed study will build upon past research by continuing a hydrographic time series within nursery fjords and collect high resolution data on currents and hydrography to determine the dominant mechanisms of water exchange and circulation within two experimental fjords; one located in a highly productive sub-region (Simpson Bay) and one located in less productive sub-region influenced by tidewater glacial outflow (Whale Bay). Also, this project will provide a physical context for a suite of biological sampling proposed for these sites.


Geographic Regions Prince William Sound
Species Fish - Herring
Microorganisims - Phytoplankton
Microorganisims - Zooplankton
Fields of Expertise Commercial fisheries
Management & Policy
Physical/Chemical Oceanography
Resource Management
Technological Methods Acoustics/hydroacoustics
Data base management
Geographic information systems/Mapping
Moored observing arrays (i.e. buoys)
Professional Activity Data Management
Data Synthesis/Visualization
Field research and Data Collection
Ecosystems Estuarine
Marine – Nearshore
Marine – Pelagic
Species Specific Research Issues Fish - Ecosystems indicators
Fish - Foraging ecology
Fish - Habitat
Microorganisims - Climate change
Microorganisims - Ecosystems indicators
Microorganisims - Nutrient/Energy transfer

Proposal: View PDF (496 KB)

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Funding Detail For: 2007

Quarterly Project Tasks For: 2007

Annual Report: 2007: View (1,235 KB)

Final Report: See Project 2096

Publications from this Project: None Available

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2008: 080817 View (PDF) 2008: View (PDF)
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