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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
95505-B Aerial Photographs to Predict Habitat Availability Research 1995
95428 Subsistence Planning Project General Restoration 1995
95427 Harlequin Duck Recovery Monitoring 1995
95422 Restoration Plan EIS/Record of Decision General Restoration 1995
95417 Waste Oil Disposal Facilities General Restoration 1995
95320-Y SEA: Local Predation Rates on Hatchery-Released Fry Research 1995
95320-U SEA: Somatic and Spawning Energetics of Herring Research 1995
95320-T SEA: Juvenile Herring Growth and Habitat Research 1995
95320-S SEA: Disease Impacts on PWS Herring Research 1995
95320-Q SEA: Avian Predation on Herring Spawn Research 1995
95320-N SEA: Nearshore Fish Research 1995
95320-M SEA: Physical Oceanography Research 1995
95320-K SEA: Experimental Fry Release Research 1995
95320-J SEA: Information Systems and Model Development Research 1995
95320-I2 SEA: Stable Isotope Tracers - Food Webs of Fish Research 1995
95320-I SEA: Isotope Tracers - Food Web Dependencies Research 1995
95320-H SEA: Zooplankton in the PWS Ecosystem Research 1995
95320-G SEA: Phytoplankton and Nutrients Research 1995
95320-E SEA: Juvenile Salmon and Herring Integration Research 1995
95320-D SEA: Pink Salmon Genetics General Restoration 1995
95320-C SEA: Otolith Thermal Mass Marking General Restoration 1995
95320-B SEA: PWS Pink Salmon Stock Identification General Restoration 1995
95320-A SEA: Salmon Growth and Mortality Research 1995
95320 SEA: Sound Ecosystem Assessment Research 1995
95290 Hydrocarbon Data Analysis Monitoring 1995
95285 Effects of EVOS on Shallow Subtidal Communities Monitoring 1995
95279 Subsistence Food Safety Survey General Restoration 1995
95272 Chenega Chinook Release General Restoration 1995
95266 Shoreline Oil Removal General Restoration 1995
95259 Restoration of Coghill Lake Sockeye General Restoration 1995
95258 Sockeye Salmon Overescapement Monitoring 1995
95255 Kenai River Sockeye Restoration General Restoration 1995
95244 Seal and Sea Otter Cooperative Subsistence Harvest General Restoration 1995
95199 Seward Improvements EIS General Restoration 1995
95191-B Salmon Damage Assessment Research 1995
95191-A2 Laboratory Examination of Oil-Related Embryo Mortalities Research 1995
95191-A1 Injury to Pink Salmon Embryos Monitoring 1995
95191-A Oil Related Egg and Alevin Mortalities Monitoring 1995
95191 Injury to Salmon Eggs and Pre-Emergent Fry Research 1995
95166 Herring Natal Habitats Monitoring 1995
95165 Herring Genetic Stock Identification General Restoration 1995
95163-L APEX: Ecosystem Structure in PWS/GOA Research 1995
95163-K APEX: Using Predatory Fish to Sample Forage Fish Research 1995
95163-J APEX: Islands Seabird Studies Research 1995
95163-I APEX: Seabird/Forage Fish Interaction Research 1995
95163-G APEX: Seabird Energetics Research 1995
95163-F1 APEX: Reproduction of Pigeon Guillemots Research 1995
95163-F APEX: Recovery of PWS Pigeon Guillemots Research 1995
95163-E APEX: Reproduction of Black-legged Kittiwakes Research 1995
95163-D APEX: Tufted Puffin Foraging Research 1995
95163-C APEX: Fish Stomach Contents Analysis Research 1995
95163-B APEX: Foraging of Seabirds Research 1995
95163-A1 APEX: Abundance and Distribution of Forage Fish Research 1995
95163-A APEX: Abundance and Distribution of Forage Fish Research 1995
95163 APEX Research 1995
95139-C2 Lowe River Salmon General Restoration 1995
95139-C1 Salmon Supplementation Workshop Research 1995
95139-B Otter Creek/Shrode Creek Study General Restoration 1995
95139-A2 Port Dick Creek Tributary Restoration General Restoration 1995
95139-A1 Waterfall Creek Bypass Instream Restoration General Restoration 1995
95139 Wild Stock Supplementation General Restoration 1995
95138 Elders/Youth Conference General Restoration 1995
95137 Salmon Stock Identification and Monitoring General Restoration 1995
95131 Clam Restoration General Restoration 1995
95127 Tatitlek Coho Salmon Release General Restoration 1995
95126-A Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 1995
95126 Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 1995
95121 Proximate Composition and Fatty Acid Signatures Research 1995
95117-BAA Harbor Seal Blubber and Lipids Research 1995
95115 Sound Waste Management Plan General Restoration 1995
95110 Habitat Protection & Data Acquisition Habitat Protection 1995
95106 Subtidal Monitoring: Eelgrass Communities Monitoring 1995
95102 Murrelet Prey and Foraging Habitat Research 1995
95100 Administration, Science Management and Public Information Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1995
95093 Pink Salmon Restoration General Restoration 1995
95090 Monitoring of Oiled Mussel Beds in PWS General Restoration 1995
95089 Information Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 1995
95086-C Herring Bay Monitoring Monitoring 1995
95076 Effects of Oil on Salmon Straying and Survival Research 1995
95074 Reproduction of Pacific Herring Stock Research 1995
95064 Harbor Seal Monitoring Monitoring 1995
95060 Spruce Bark Beetle Infestation Impacts Research 1995
95058 Landowner Assistance Program General Restoration 1995
95052-1 Community Involvement/TEK General Restoration 1995
95052 Community Interaction/TEK General Restoration 1995
95043-B Dolly Varden and Trout Rehabilitation General Restoration 1995
95041 Introduced Predator Removal General Restoration 1995
95039 Common Murre Productivity Monitoring Monitoring 1995
95038 Symposium on Seabird Restoration General Restoration 1995
95031 Abundance of Adult and Juvenile Murrelets Research 1995
95029 Population Survey of Bald Eagles in PWS Monitoring 1995
95027 1995 Kodiak Shoreline Assessment Monitoring 1995
95026 Hydrocarbon monitoring: Integration Monitoring 1995
95025-A Nearshore Package: Project Planning Research 1995
95025 Recovery of Nearshore Vertebrate Predators Research 1995
95021 Murre Movement and Habitat Use Research 1995
95012 Killer Whale Investigation Research 1995
95009-D Octopuses and Gumboot Chiton Research 1995
95007-B Archaeological Site Restoration General Restoration 1995
95007-A Archaeological Site Restoration - Index Site Monitoring General Restoration 1995
95001 Condition and Health of Harbor Seals Research 1995