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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100839 Evaluating Injury to Harlequin Ducks Research 2010
10100808 Nearshore synthesis: Modeling Amendment Research 2010
10100806 Are Herring Energetics Limiting. Part III Damage Assessment 2010
10100804 Significance of Whale Predation On Natural Mortality Rate of Pacific Herring Monitoring 2010
10100751 Prince William Sound Marine Bird Surveys, Synthesis and Restoration Monitoring 2010
10100750-A Nearshore Synthesis - Knight Island Sampling Amendment Research 2010
10100750 Evaluation of Recovery and Restoration of Injured Nearshore Resources Research 2010
10100742 Killer Whales in Prince William Sound/Kenai Fjords Monitoring 2010
10100624 Measuring Interannual Variability in the Herring's Forage Base Monitoring 2010
10100574 Re-Assessment of Bivalve Recovery Monitoring 2010
10100340 Long-Term Monitoring of the Alaska Coastal Current Monitoring 2010
10100290 The Exxon Valdez Trustee Hydrocarbon Database General Restoration 2010
10100165-A Pilot Project - High Density DNA Sequencing Research 2010
10100132-I PWS Herring Survey: Herring Disease Program (HDP) Research 2010
10100132-H PWS Herring Survey: Seasonal & Interannual Trends in Seabird Predation Research 2010
10100132-G PWS Herring Survey: Top-Down Regulation by Predatory Fish Research 2010
10100132-F PWS Herring Survey: Herring, Predator, and Competitor Density Monitoring 2010
10100132-E PWS Herring Survey: Nursery Habitats of Juvenile Pacific Herring Research 2010
10100132-D PWS Herring Survey: Predictors of Winter Performance Research 2010
10100132-C PWS Herring Survey: Pacific Herring Energetic Recruitment Factors Research 2010
10100132-B PWS Herring Survey: Assessment of Juvenile Herring Abundance Monitoring 2010
10100132-A PWS Herring Survey: Plankton and Oceanographic Observations Research 2010
10100132 PWS Herring Survey: Comm. Involvem., Outreach, Logistics, & Synthesis Research 2010
10100128 Historical Humpback Whale Abundance Research 2010
10100100 EVOS Administration Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2010
090841 CYP1A1 Gene Expression Verification Study Research 2009
070819 PWS Herring Disease Program Research 2007