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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
00630 Planning for Long-Term Research Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00610 Kodiak Archipelago Youth Area Watch General Restoration 2000
00605 Information Transfer to Resource Managers Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00599 Evaluation of Yakataga Oil Seeps Research 2000
00598 Resolution of Mixtures Containing Exxon Valdez Oil Research 2000
00567 Contaminants in the Northern GOA Monitoring 2000
00552-BAA Exchange Between PWS and the GOA Research 2000
00541-BAA PWS Isotope Ecology Research 2000
00530 Lessons Learned: Evaluating Scientific Sampling General Restoration 2000
00516-BAA Habitat Use by Kittlitz's and Marbled Murrelets Research 2000
00510-BAA Recovery of Intertidal Communities Monitoring 2000
00509 Long-Term Monitoring of Harbor Seals Monitoring 2000
00501 Protocols for Long-Term Monitoring of Seabird Ecology Monitoring 2000
00493 Statistically-Based Sampling Strategies Monitoring 2000
00482-BAA Optimization of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits General Restoration 2000
00481 Documentary Film on the Oil Spill Impacts General Restoration 2000
00479 Effects of Food Stress on Seabird Survival Research 2000
00478 Testing Satellite Tags as a Tool Research 2000
00476 Oiled Incubation Substrate on Salmon Research 2000
00466-CLO Recovery Status of Barrow's Goldeneyes Research 2000
00462 Effect of Disease on Pacific Herring Research 2000
00459 Residual Oiling of Armored Beaches Monitoring 2000
00455-BAA Data System for EVOS Monitoring Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00454 Persistent Oil Contamination in Pink Salmon Research 2000
00441 Harbor Seal Diet: Lipid Metabolism and Health Research 2000
00423 Population Change in Vertebrate Predators Research 2000
00414-BAA Web-Based System for Communicating Research 2000
00407 Harlequin Duck Population Dynamics Research 2000
00401 Assessment of Spot Shrimp Abundance General Restoration 2000
00396 Alaska Salmon Shark Assessment Research 2000
00393-BAA PWS Food Webs: Structure and Change Research 2000
00391 CIIMMS Monitoring 2000
00389 3-D Ocean State Simulations Research 2000
00379-CLO Assessment of Risk Caused by Residual Oil Research 2000
00375 Effect of Herring Egg Distribution Research 2000
00374 Coordination and Planning for Herring Research Research 2000
00371 Harbor Seal Metabolism on Stable Isotopes Research 2000
00366 Improved Salmon Escapement Monitoring 2000
00360-BAA EVOS: Guidance for Future Research Activities Research 2000
00350 Alaska SeaLife Center Bench Fees Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00348-CLO Response of River Otters to Oil Contamination Research 2000
00347-CLO Fatty Acid Profile and Lipid Class Analysis Research 2000
00341 Harbor Seal Recovery Research 2000
00340 Oceanographic Monitoring of the GOA Monitoring 2000
00339 Western PWS Human Use and Wildlife General Restoration 2000
00338 Adult Murre/Kittiwake Survival Research 2000
00330-BAA Mass-Balance Model of Trophic Fluxes Research 2000
00327 Pigeon Guillemot Restoration Research Research 2000
00320-BAA SEA: Publishing Research 2000
00306 Ecology and Demographics of Sand Lance Research 2000
00290 Hydrocarbon Data Analysis, Interpretation Research 2000
00287-BAA Seabird-Oceanographic Relationships Research 2000
00278 Ecological Characterization for Kachemak Bay Monitoring 2000
00273 Scoter Life History and Ecology Research 2000
00263 Salmon Streams in Lower Cook Inlet General Restoration 2000
00256-B Sockeye Salmon Stocking at Solf Lake General Restoration 2000
00250 Project Management Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00247 Kametolook River Coho Salmon Subsistence General Restoration 2000
00245 Community-Based Harbor Seal Management General Restoration 2000
00225 Port Graham Pink Salmon Project General Restoration 2000
00210 Youth Area Watch General Restoration 2000
00195 Pristane Monitoring in Mussels Monitoring 2000
00190 Linkage Map for the Pink Salmon Genome Research 2000
00180-CLO Kenai River Restoration General Restoration 2000
00169-CLO Genetics of Murres, Guillemots, Murrelets Research 2000
00163-T APEX: Aerial Surveys Research 2000
00163-S APEX: Jellyfish as Competitors and Predators Research 2000
00163-R APEX: Marbled Murrelet Productivity Research 2000
00163-Q APEX: Modeling Research 2000
00163-O APEX: Statistical Review Research 2000
00163-M APEX: Response of Seabirds to Forage Fish Density Research 2000
00163-L APEX: Historical Data Review Research 2000
00163-K APEX: Large Fish as Samplers Research 2000
00163-J APEX: Barren Island Seabird Studies Research 2000
00163-I APEX: Project Management Research 2000
00163-G APEX: Seabird Energetics Research 2000
00163-F APEX: Guillemots Research 2000
00163-E APEX: Kittiwakes Research 2000
00163-B APEX: Seabird Interactions Research 2000
00163-A APEX: Forage Fish Assessment Research 2000
00163 APEX: Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment Research 2000
00159 Marine Bird Abundance Surveys Monitoring 2000
00144-A Common Murre Population Monitoring Monitoring 2000
00139-A2 Port Dick Creek Tributary Restoration General Restoration 2000
00127 Tatitlek Coho Salmon Release General Restoration 2000
00126 Habitat Protection and Acquisition Support Habitat Protection 2000
00100 EVOS Information-Management-Administration Public Info., Science Mgmt., and Administration 2000
00090-CLO Monitoring of Oiled Mussel Beds in PWS Monitoring 2000
00064-CLO Harbor Seal Monitoring Monitoring 2000
00052 Community Involvement/TEK General Restoration 2000
00048-BAA Salmon Growth Study Research 2000
00025 Recovery of Nearshore Vertebrate Predators Research 2000
00012-A-BAA Monitoring of Killer Whales Monitoring 2000
00007-A Archaeological Index Site Monitoring Monitoring 2000