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Restoration Projects

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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100751 Prince William Sound Marine Bird Surveys, Synthesis and Restoration Monitoring 2010
10100165-A Pilot Project - High Density DNA Sequencing Research 2010
10100132-H PWS Herring Survey: Seasonal & Interannual Trends in Seabird Predation Research 2010
10100132-G PWS Herring Survey: Top-Down Regulation by Predatory Fish Research 2010
10100132-E PWS Herring Survey: Nursery Habitats of Juvenile Pacific Herring Research 2010
10100132-D PWS Herring Survey: Predictors of Winter Performance Research 2010
080840 Biodegradability of Lingering Oil Research 2008
080814 Seabird Predation on Juvenile Herring in PWS Research 2008
070836 Factors Limiting the Degradation Rate of EVOS Oil Research 2007
070819 PWS Herring Disease Program Research 2007
070817 Factors Affecting Productivity in Juvenile Pacific Herring Nursery Habitats Research 2007
070814 Seabird Predation on Juvenile Herring in PWS Research 2007
070805 ShoreZone Mapping for PWS General Restoration 2007
070210 Youth Area Watch Research 2007
030210 Youth Area Watch Research 2003
02600 Ecological Findings from EVOS Damage Research 2002