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Number Project Title Restoration Category Starting Year
10100804 Significance of Whale Predation On Natural Mortality Rate of Pacific Herring Monitoring 2010
10100132-H PWS Herring Survey: Seasonal & Interannual Trends in Seabird Predation Research 2010
10100132-G PWS Herring Survey: Top-Down Regulation by Predatory Fish Research 2010
10100132-F PWS Herring Survey: Herring, Predator, and Competitor Density Monitoring 2010
10100132-D PWS Herring Survey: Predictors of Winter Performance Research 2010
10100132-C PWS Herring Survey: Pacific Herring Energetic Recruitment Factors Research 2010
10100132 PWS Herring Survey: Comm. Involvem., Outreach, Logistics, & Synthesis Research 2010
10100128 Historical Humpback Whale Abundance Research 2010
080814 Seabird Predation on Juvenile Herring in PWS Research 2008
080804 Significance of Whale Predation Research 2008
070814 Seabird Predation on Juvenile Herring in PWS Research 2007
070810 Ecosystem Model of PWS Herring General Restoration 2007
070804 Significance of Whale Predation Research 2007
02593 River Otters and Fishes in Nearshore Research 2002